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95040 Belpasso, Catania
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Via Zenale, 40/A
20024 Garbagnate Milanese (Mi)
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Via B. Zenale, 44
20024 Garbagnate Milanese (MI) Italy
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  Il gruppo Ntet

NTET GROUP is formed by three Italian companies, NTET S.p.A., OPTOTEC S.p.A. and OEC S.r.l. operating together. The Group search, project, product and trade products to telecommunication, energy, transport and industry sector.

It’s founded in 1980.

The 2004 turnover was 58 millions €.

The “number of the employees is of 300 units.

Each company have a Technical Office and Laboratory.

All companies group are certified according to the “ISO 9001” Quality System .

The success of NTET Group is based on the “ customers satisfaction” trough the high diversification degree of our products, that have excellent characteristics:

  high reliability;
  high technological content;
  easy installation workability;
  high mechanical resistance;
  high dielectric characteristic;
  good impact and stress resistance.

The brands and the companies of the Group

  NTET:Piano Tavola (CT), Motta S. A. (CT), Piacenza (PC) e Parma (PR)  

COMEP:“carpentry” division of the NTET

OPTOTEC: Garbagnate (MI)   MUZZI: “generating set” division of the NTET
OEC: Garbagnate (MI)   TPR:“fiber-glass poles” of the NTET

NTET GROUP works in



Energy   Transport

The production tecnologies

Moulding (B.M.C., S.M.C.) Piping Extrusion (Gas, Water, etc)
Injection Moulding Optical Fiber Components Production
Reinforced fiber glass pole Centrifugation Carpentry and shelter Manufacturing
Pultrusion Project and assembly of electric and telephone network parts.
Metal Punching    

N. 9   vertical press for SMC

1500 Tonn 800 Tonn 600 Tonn
400 Tonn 150 Tonn 120 Tonn
500 Tonn 400 Tonn 300 Tonn

N. 4 press for BMC

  550 Tonn 420  Tonn 420  Tonn 350 Tonn

N. 14 pultrusion lines for production of profiles made with structural fibers.

N. 5 centrifugal machines for truncate-conic poles made in fiber-glass.  

N. 8 extrusion lines for PE pipes.

N. 6 Injection press for plastics components.